Integrated Marketing/Sales System (IMS)

An Integrated Marketing/Sales System enables a marketer to combine a variety of marketing tools into one system (i.e. Advertising, Direct Mail, Newsletters, Events, Radio, Social Media, TV, Seminars, etc.). They end result is that each element works individually and collectively more effectively together than marketing tools used in a silo fashion.

We have simplified the marketing equation into a simple format for ease of use.

It is: A, I, T/$, R

The Four Key Elements of an Effective Integrated Marketing System will:

  • Enhance Awareness and Reinforce Credibility
  • Stimulate Interest
  • Produce Trial/$ales
  • Increase Retention

We help you make these four key marketing elements work together.

As a photographer you take pictures for your clients. With permission, you may post them on a Facebook and/or website page.

There are many additional ways to use some of your pictures for marketing purposes.

Let us show you how.