An amazing program for Start-ups

that is surprisingly affordable!

We recognize that each business is unique and that is what makes you special.

We know that putting it all together takes away valuable time from working with customers.

Get the freedom to be an effective entrepreneur with a strong and affordable Marketing Business System working for you.


This 90-day Fast-Start Program sets a business owner up to be effective - quickly. 

We work with you!

Program includes:

$299 Special

($799 value)

Our program is designed for your unique needs.

We will not just tell you what to do.
We will work with you to put it all together.

We will educate and guide you.
Working with us, step-by-step, you will have a start-up marketing plan that is in place and operating in 90 days.
Included: 6 webinar sessions.

We will provide tips for an effective website.
Creating a website that is optimized and unique to reflect your professional image to get you results.
Included: An optimized domain name.

We will set up an email campaign to engage customers.
Keeping all engaged in a simple way that will have everyone looking forward to your updates, sending your tips off to their friends and colleagues too.
Included: A 90 day subscription to Constant Contact.

We will create an event for you to promote.
Integrate your special content into a complete marketing system.
Included: A 30 minute internet radio interview. 

We will be your Coach.
Can we do it? Sure, and more… eCommerce marketplace, social media, blogs, holiday campaigns… Why do it yourself?  Leave it to us, the experts to get you ready to go.
Included: 90 day access to us as your Coach.